Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sleep glorious sleep...when???

Daddy doing the midnight change....

On Thursday Daniel is having Grommits installed in both ears - since his birth, he has been on antibiotics at least 5 times - considering he is only 8 months old, this is really excessive! He has an ear infection whenever he teethes and considering it takes around 5 weeks for him to cut a tooth start to finish you can imagine how terrible this must be for the poor little chap..

Last week we were finally referred to the ENT who performed Caleb's operation - Yay.. we like him! He has agreed to perform the procedure on Daniel. Thank heavens! We are convinced (please God let it be) that after this op, his sleeping will vastly improve.. let me give you an example of how bad his sleep pattern is.. this is the log for my night last night:

19h00 - in bed
19h30 - asleep
21h00 - 22h00 awake.. and crying until we gave him pain meds
23h00 - 22h30 awake
00h30 - 00h45 awake
01h30 - 02h00 awake
03h00 - 03h20 awake
04h00 - briefly awake
05h00 - 05h15 awake
06h00 - awake for the day

So as you can imagine we are exhausted... please let the grommits help... pleazzzzzzzzzz


Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

Heck you must be exhausted! Here's praying that everything settles down after the surgery :)

Samibabe said...

Hope the op goes well my friend, shout if you need anything.

Ninnles said...

Jeez Louise! I'm exhausted just reading that. Poor little man! I wouldn't wish earache on an adult!Will say a special prayer for him tonight. x