Thursday, 4 August 2011

Anolther vicious criminal brought to justice!

Last week a South African man was convicted of assault - now this in itself is not very unusual I hear you say, and you would be correct.  What makes this story so unusual is that Daryl Peense assaulted our President, Jacob Zuma.

Daryl assaulted The President in a vicious, premeditated and most unsettling manner... Please note that the assault I am about to describe is particularly vicious - if you are a sensitive or underage reader, please be aware that the following may upset you.. you have been warned...  The vicious and bloodthirsty assault that Daryl subjected our President to was to accidentally spill his drink near The President!!!  I know dear reader, I am as shocked and outraged by Daryl's psychotic and heinous behaviour as you.  I am astounded that someone of Daryl's level of mental illness has managed to fly under the radar and function in a "normal" society for as long as he has!

All sarcasm aside...

This is the first time I have felt compelled to blog in months!  This story has me absolutely flabbergasted!  Daryl is quoted as saying that yes, he was drunk (who isn't at the races?)  and as Zuma walked by, people were pushing and shoving to get a look at the President.  Daryl was bumped, and accidentally spilt a slight amount of the drink near Zuma.

Has the world completely lost the plot???  How can a person be convicted of assault for spilling a drink near another person?  I mean really.. that would mean that most of us would be able to lay a charge of assault against dozens of people.  It is absolutely ridiculous! 

Or perhaps it comes down to the fact the Zuma is better than the rest of us?  Perhaps it is acceptable to spill your drink near a commoner, but it is considered assault if you spill it near The President?  Having said that, is The President not a public servant?  Was he not elected by the people to run our country according to the wishes of the people?  Then again, he must be above the rest of us, given that he is a card carrying member of the ANC.. and my long suffering readers know what that means!  (For those of you who don't know, please click here.)

Our courts are swamped with cases waiting to be heard... real cases... like rape, murder and abuse, and yet it is acceptable to waste the courts time with a case like Daryl's.  It makes me sick to my stomach.. Every day I lose a little more faith...