Thursday, 11 June 2009

Loving on Kelly!

Meet Sophia -isn't she gorgeous? Sophia is 3 weeks older than Daniel and she is my future Daughter-in-Law - what a lovely looking couple they will make!

Sophia is the youngest daughter of my friend Kelly . Kelly lives in America - about an hour from Detroit (I think). I am not very good when it comes to the geographical layout of the USA - but I am sure my international readers will forgive me - if I told you that I live about an hour from Rustenburg, would that mean anything to you?


Kelly is one of the hardest working Mums I have ever known. Kelly has 5 daughters - yup.. you read that correctly 5 beautiful girls who keep her on her toes. Add to that the fact that Kelly's husband is often away on business for weeks at time, plus they have just bought a new puppy - and the fact that Kelly does everything herself for her family and you get some idea of how hard this mum works to keep everybody happy.

Let me put things into perspective, most households in South Africa have domestic help. On top of that I have a garden service to take care of the yard. Plus I have a Mother-in-Law who never says no when I need help (thanks Mel) - and I am still exhausted most of the time. Kelly has no domestic help in the house or in the yard. Kelly washes, cleans, irons, cooks, does homework, shops, works in the yard, fixes the odd maintenance issue around the house, kisses all the boo-boos better, packs school lunches, keeps two youngsters at home all day, buys enough food every week to feed a small army, picks up after 7 people and still has enough energy to love on her girls.. and on top of that she is an amazing friend -

Thanks Kelly ... you are a selfless, giving and loving individual and I am honoured to call you my friend!

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ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

Aweee what a beautiful post! She's adorable ;) I wanna move to South Africa where I can get all that help! ;) The majority of US households live like Kelly does.... at least where I live ;) 5 girls ;) very cool, I might have to email her in a few weeks when we find out what baby "E" is to get some advice ! LOL

Have your best day(night)??? Ever!