Friday, 26 June 2009

Ben 10 Experience

Today we took Caleb to the Ben 10 Experience at Gallagher Estate. Since Daniel was born poor Caleb sometimes has to take a backseat to the needs of his little brother - so today was all about him!

At 09h00 this morning we dropped Daniel off at my Mother-in-Law's house (thanks Mel) and then headed off! We spent the whole day there and only got home at 16h00! Caleb had the best day.. it was all for him.. sweet boy!

Getting his face painted like 4-arms

Can you spot my boys?

The funny thing about this is that 4-arms's pants kept falling down... very superhero like!

Blowing up the balloon until it popped!

Getting ready to play human bowling!

Putting our shoes back on!

All tuckered out!


You are such a special little boy Caleb - Daddy, Daniel and I love you dearly!


Samibabe said...

The boys looked like they had an awesome must have had to boys passing out on you from all the pics!!!

Celia said...

How sweet....and such an experience that he will remember for quite some time!