Monday, 1 June 2009

Nou Die Blou!

It has been exactly one week since my last post - which, as you know, is absolutely unheard of for me - in my defence, it has been a really bad week. I worked last Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Daniel was struggling with an ear infection. Then over the weekend Adam and I were both quite ill - in fact, I have been down with two illnesses in the past week, which were completely unrelated, but quite knocked the life out of me.

On Saturday, my favourite team, The Blue Bulls were playing in the final of the Super 14. The Super 14 is an international rugby tournament between South Africa, New Zealand and Australia - and of course... once again... The Bulls won! Saying that I am a Bulls supporter is kind of an understatement - The are the greatest team on earth and watching them win is the greatest feeling on earth!!!

After the game we went out to celebrate Matt's birthday - Notice how I only took pictures of people wearing their Bulls As you can see, the party got a little out of hand and I blame this on Jenny (who you will meet in one of the pictures) who kept ordering Tequilas.. bad bad girl... but fun was had by all.. especially since the Bulls won - Ons Bloed is Blou - which means - Our blood is blue!

This is Matt and Ruth - Happy Birthday friend!

Okay Okay.. so the boys were a little ..ummm....

This photo is of Jenny and Gareth... Gareth is a regular reader of my blog - thanks for the support bud!

Anybody who really knows me will tell you that I am not a big meat eater - in fact, during my pregnancies I went off meat completely - could not stand the sight or the smell of it - so to see me in this kind of picture you must know that I had consumed a tequila or two to even pretend to eat such a huge piece of meat!

We had such a good time at Matts party... and I am so chuffed that my team won.. AGAIN!

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