Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Little April Rose

As many of you know, I follow quite a few "Mom blogs" and one of my favourite ones, for some months now, is Little April Rose.

April's mom is the author of the blog - at around 4 months pregnant they were told that April has some genetic issues and that she is "not compatible with life" - I hate this term that the doctors use, it is so cruel.

I have followed her blog for the past 5 months - and have cried with her during the heartache and laughed at the joy.

Aprils mom finally went into labour and April was born sometime on Sunday night (there is a time difference to us). I was so excited and happy for them that April seemed to be doing okay and it seemed as if they may have some time with her before she went home to Jesus.
On Monday when I went online, I saw the status on FaceBook of another mommy whose blog I follow (Celia) saying that the blog Little April Rose is a hoax to extort money and gifts from people.. I was horrified.. there are two ways that I am looking at this:

If their blog is real and people are just mean:

How can people be so heartless?
Where has all the love in this world gone?

This poor couple have just become parents for the first time, to a baby girl whom they will very shortly have to say goodbye to. April's mom has carried her sweet little girl for 9 months only to have to release her moments after birth. Can you even begin to imagine what this poor mommy must be going through? My heart breaks for them- that on top of this horrid tragedy, they must also deal with hate comments on their blog about April's journey. And now to have so many people blogging and posting on FB that their site is a scam and it has been taken down must truly be heartbreaking.. all they are trying to do is share their little girl with the world. On top of that, April's mom is always talking about God and her love for him.. How can such a sweet person be a fraudster?

If their blog is a fake:

How can people be so heartless?
Where has all the love in this world gone?

I don't understand how people can use something so tragic as the loss of a child for personal gain. Adam and Celia have both recently lost their Little Ones and their pain is so raw and so deep that it breaks my heart. Adam is Kayleigh's Dad – and you all know how I feel about the loss of this little baby girl. Celia is mom to Noah who only 4 weeks ago was delivered into this world and very shortly after that taken home to Jesus. Every day I see Celia's posts on FB about Noah – and her anguish over the loss of sweet baby Noah touches something inside me every time I see her comments..Today when I was changing Daniel's diaper, I was getting upset with him because he would not lie still and so I was struggling to get the diaper straight – and during my frustration, it occurred to me how Celia would give anything on earth to be able to struggle to get Noah's diaper on his little bottom.

Okay okay, I am rambling a bit..

But the truth is I am so shocked that someone could make up such a story for financial gain when there is already so much heartache and sadness in the world.
I am torn between wanting their blog to be real as this means that my faith in humanity can remain – but this would then mean that they are about to, or have already lost April. And wanting it to be fake so that one less mommy in the world is actually suffering the loss of a sweet little baby.

I will keep you posted...


Mama Notes said...

no way. no way. No way can that be fake. No way. I would just be in SOO much shock!! oh gosh, I'm speechless!!

Mama Notes said...

Her blog is gone now, did you notice that??! What the heck!

Anonymous said...

It WAS fake. All of it.
We were HAD.

ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

Hiyas! I'm new to your blog, but found you through a search for little April. I agree with you! On one hand I'd love to see it be a fake and that we were all gullible so that another family isnt loosing their little one... on the other hand, I'd like to think I am a pretty good judge of character, and to fall for such a charade.... well..... I just dont want to think that people are really like that!

Anyways, Nice to meet you, and I look forward to learning more about you and your family as well as your blog! (Rest assured.... all four of my girls are very much real.... even though sometimes I might not like to admit I "own" all of them! LOL


Hope said...

In my heart, I want to say it ISNT fake, but in my mind too many things are not adding up at this point. I followed the blog as long as you. I sent wrds of encouragement. I cried. I laughed. I posted the button for April. Real or fake, these people need prayers either for the possible loss of their daughter or to save them from the hell which is sure to come from faking something of this magnitude!

Tanya said...

I was away for sometime and never heard of this blog, until I read McMama's blog today and than yours. I am glad I've never heard of her because I would have been had too. Crazy stuff goes on in this blog world, although, I am kind of glad that there is no suffering April Rose out there.