Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day Weekend!

This is Caleb and his second Cousin Erynne - at her 5th birthday - too sweet!
Tricky Trevor - the entertainer for Erynne's made this "monkey up a tree" for Caleb - but Adam carried it around all day - I think he bonded with it!

My ferocious lion!

Oumie (Adam's Granny), Adam and Caleb "The Lion"
We have a strict rule of no guns in our house - so whenever Caleb gets near a toy gun he heads straight for it - seems that even if we won't let him have a toy gun in the house, he will find a way to play with one. Boys will be boys!
This was this afternoon while we were having ice-cream on my Mum's back veranda - what you can't see in the picture is that Caleb is sitting on my Mum's ornamental tortoise eating the last of the ice-cream out the tub - sweet boy!
Finishing Father's Day Lunch! We had a lovely time - Thanks Mum
And finally.. the littlest Baby Bear - he loves being outside. Here he was just sitting in the middle of the yard watching the world go by with not a care to speak of!
Mum - thank you so much for a lovely weekend - we always love coming to visit you and hate (especially me) to leave! It doesn't matter how old one gets, going home to Mum is something we can all appreciate - It revives the soul and pampers the weary mind!
And last, but not least, to Adam - the father of my beautiful boys! We love you Daddy. You are so good to us. Thank you for my boys... and thanking you for loving me.. every day for the past 10 years... sjoe.. it cannot be easy for you...
Mwah - we love you!

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Samibabe said...

Kerren you have brought me to tears, what an awesome are a very lucky person to have a family such as yours...oh and I see the orange "ropr" went blogging and making people happy!