Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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Adam and I were finally paid a rather large amount of money that has been owing to us since February - and because it has now been paid, we were able to squish a large portion of our debt!

Kayleigh.. what more can I say about this...On top of the obvious tragedy, I just feel so completely let down by fate.

How could this have been her fate when she fought so hard and for so long? I mean what was the point of all that suffering only to lose in the end? Adam and Aimee love her so very much, not to mention all the people like me around the world who fell in love with this little Angel.. only to have her torn from us just as she was reaching her goal? What a cruel mistress fate has turned out to be, and I for one am not warmed by any of the "upbeat" things everyone keeps telling me when it comes to Kayleigh.

I know that is a horrible way to look at it, and I do feel guilty for feeling this way, but this is how I feel.


Kristin said...

How wonderful that your finances worked out. Very happy for you on that front.

I was also very sad to hear the news about Kayleigh. I have my days of questioning God...not that I don't believe He CAN heal...but WHY doesn't He in some cases?

Crystal said...

Africa.. that's awesome!!

Thank you for your prayers, it means the world to us!!

The Pifer's said...

Love your blog!!! :)

Tiffany Pifer