Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Are those...? They can't be???

Today I was training with Jade (see above post) and we decided to go for a cup of coffee (See * below unless you are my Mother-in-Law) at the end of the day because the training finished early. On the same grounds as the building we were training in, there is an eatery called Coffee and Fringes, and Jade and I both had a look at the menu - and then decided we would prefer something a little stronger - so we ordered a Savannah. Side note to readers - I tried to order a Savannah Light, and Jade said, "Why bother with a light, we are only going to have one". Jade is a bad bad influence ... We order our drinks and then begin the light chatter and looking around that one does whilst waiting for your order to arrive.

One of us (I am not sure who) suddenly notices that there is a gentleman standing a little way along the railing and something is not quite right with his ensemble... then we look closer - and sure enough, he is wearing purple slippers...Double take!! What??? That's right, purple slippers...

I wonder if the lady he was chatting to on the phone is aware of his..ummm... preferences?

*It was never really our intention to order coffee, I just added that in there for my Mother-in-Laws benefit as she was on duty looking after my children while I was "working"

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