Saturday, 2 May 2009

Friends, Drinks and Bad Husbands...

This is my friend Ruth with Daniel - as you can see, winter is on its way to Africa
From the left: Sam, Steve, Jenny Baby Kian and Gareth
There were other people at the braai- and I should have taken pictures of them too, but pretty much as I finished taking these two I began working and didn't stop for many hours to come after that!

I have been sitting at my machine for the past two hours.. reading other blogs, checking-in with my FB account, reading emails etc - and in all this time I have also been attempting to formulate a blog post in my head - and can you believe it, after all that time there is still nothing! NOTHING I TELL YOU!

I am not sure what is going on with me, but even though I have so many things I want to blog about, nothing is formulating with any sense of logical flow within my head - I blame my husband and friends for this lack of creativity.. let me explain!

Yesterday (being a public holiday in SA) Adam and I invited a few of our friends over for a typical South African braai (that would be bbq to all my international readers). Everybody arrived at around 12:00 and the last of the guests left at 01:30 this morning - Sam and Steve you know that karma is a terrible thing, and will eventually catch up with you. I blame Steve mostly... See, Sam and Steve have three beautiful children, but their children are a little older than ours and are already sleeping through the night (and all the glorious things that go along with that luxury). So at around 21:00 last night I was ready to go to bed - as most of the ladies reading this blog will know, a woman's work is never done and I spent most of yesterday baking bread, making salads, cooking potato bake, serving drinks, clearing drinks and loading the dishwasher! So by 21:00 last night I was exhausted, my dishwasher and I had worked all day (it was on its 4Th load for the day by this time) and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed - considering I am still averaging 3 hours sleep a night, I am sure you understand my need for rest.

Anyway, Steve made a few rude comments about me being a girls-blouse wanting to go to bed so early and that I was being rude to my guests (of which there was only Steve, Sam and the children left). Unfortunately for me, this insult to my hostessing skills found its mark and I dutifully sat through another 1.5 hours of watching my husband and Steve throw back an obscene amount of brandy and rum. By
22h30 I could stand it no longer and was literally weeping for my bed, so I decided to sneak away whilst nobody was watching - the only problem ... my bed was full... unfortunately not of me!

Caleb and Jordan (Same and Steve's youngest) were fast asleep in our bed, the two girls were dreaming away peacefully in Caleb's bed.. which left the sleeper couch or the spare bed...What to do what to do??? I chose the spare bed, crept under the covers and dozed off. Only to be woken at around 12h30 by the raucous laughter of Steve and Adam as they discussed matters which must surely have encompassed topics of grave importance and national security! As you can imagine, my sense of humour was now nowhere to be found and my once charming "hostess" disposition had now been replaced by my "I am sleep deprived and going to kill you" disposition. As I walked into the lounge, Sam looked a little nervous, and sort of mumbled, "We are going in a few minutes". At this point I realised I probably need not lay down the lore and threaten anyone with death or worse as everyone seemed to have picked up on the hint (or perhaps not so subtle hint) that party time was over and it was now "killing alcoholic husband" time.

Once Sam and Steve were safely in their car and off our property I proceeded to manoeuvre my husband through a hot bath and into bed - Needless to say, he was asleep and snoring peacefully (for those who couldn't hear it) before my head even touched the pillow - and of course, as my head touched the pillow, Daniel woke up and only went back to sleep at around 04h00!!

So please excuse the lack of logical flow in this post.. also excuse the spelling errors.. sentence construction errors ... and various other cardinal sins of writing... yawn...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to bed I go.. as Daniel begins making his "I am going to yell soon" noises


Caron said...

I feel your pain sis, been there, kaking everyone out cos I and 2 babies gotta sleep. Well the only consolation is that he's gonna feel a whole lot worse than you in the morning!!!!! xxxx

Ninnles said...

So how bad was his hangover? Did you speak loudly and bang things together in his presence?