Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Body After Baby Week 2


Well, last week I did pretty well:
I went to gym 5 days - considering I had a toddler with Gastro, I think I did
I lost 0.7kgs this week - which I think works out to about 1.5lbs.. so I am a bit short there, but something is better than nothing!
I cut down on my sugar, but it is still not where I want it to be.
Lets not talk about snacking in general, it was not a good week when it comes to this goal.

My goals for next/this week:

To lose 1kg - 2.2lbs
To cut out all sugar
To only snack on healthy food
To get to gym at least 5 times in the week
and to drink 2litres of water a day!

Away Baby Fat Away!


Mama Notes said...

yes!! awesome work, good job!!

Mama Notes said...

oh and to answer your question.. Monday is when we update with our progress and goals for the week by putting your blog link ( if you want) in MR. Linky ( which you did) :) You can also add it any time if you don't do it on Monday. Monday is " the day" but we will be updating/encouraging each other all week long!!

let me know if you have any other questions :)