Monday, 4 May 2009

No matter the worries...

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling decidedly down.. not sure about what really, just felt blue. Adam was napping and I was sitting around the house with the boys and decided I needed to get out. Due to all three of my boys being really sick recently, I did not want to take them out into the cold weather with me - so I opted to leave the boys at home (after Adam woke up of course) and take the girls out with me. The girls are our two dogs who (like most dogs) absolutely love going for a walk. You can just make them out in the second picture - Bandit, the black and white Husky is my dog, and Shadow, the Afrikaaner, is Adam's dog. I tried to take a good shot of them playing in the stream, but they move so fast it was just a blur!
Anyway, I went for a very brisk 30-minute walk around the park and it was like food for my soul. When I started out I felt really grumpy and sluggish, but by the end of the walk I was feeling really alive and full of love for the world and everything in it!
There is something about feeling the fresh winter air, just before dusk, on your skin and being out in nature that is so soothing to the soul. The girls had a fabulous time and were completely worn-out by the time I arrived home.
So I say bring it on! Tear yourself away from your sofa, take off your slippers, and put on your winter cozy.. and dash outside... you will be surprised how it feeds the body, mind and soul!

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