Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Body after Baby cont..


Okay.. so apparently I was supposed to blog about my goals for this challenge... sorry.. I forgot.. but I am sure you will forgive me considering the sleep deprivation thing I keep going on about...

So here they are.. my goals for this challenge..

1. I would like to lose 1kg (2.2lbs) per week.
2. Go to gym 5 times per week - 6 if possible
3. Stop unhealthy snacking
4. Break my sugar addiction

Wow... that sounds really tough...

So far this week I have done really well (0kay it is only Tuesday, but every bit helps). I went to gym yesterday and today. I was only weak once yesterday and once today - Two sugary snacks.. I know that may sound like a lot, but you need to understand that I am a sugar addict the true sense of the word, so only having sugar once a day is a pretty big deal for me. My plan is to get better and better with each passing day, and to not beat myself up if I am not 100% strong all the time, but to take it one hour at a time and congratulate myself for every small achievement.

Also, I am supposed to post a "before" picture, but I am so embarrassed by what it looks like that I cannot bring myself to do it.. so I plan to post it with my "after" picture at the end of the challenge..

Watch this space..

1 comment:

Mama Notes said...

woo hoo!

And did I say you're suppose to post a before picture???! I think I meant/said you CAN take a before picture for yourself! ha! I would never ever post my before picture!! :) But if you take one for yourself....

Awesome goals, I'm a sugar addict too. It's hard..

can't wait to see your progress, nice jog getting to the gym!