Friday, 22 May 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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Daniel has finally cut his two front teeth.. yay! It only took about 6 weeks..He has been drooling like an overgrown hound for weeks now. I have been covered in drool from the moment I wake up till the moment I shut my eyes.. aaahhhh the joys of motherhood!

Daniel is sick - we are not sure yet if it is just teeth related, or if he is really ill. I have an appointment with the Doc for him in about an hour will keep you posted!

Kayleigh.. I wonder.. what is the norm? Is there a norm? What is the norm for mourning someone you never met? Could someone give me some insight into this so I have some idea of what I am in for? Every day life carries on as normal.. but she is always there in the back of my mind - in the quiet places when nobody else is around.. Kayleigh is always there. I cannot look at Daniel without being reminded of what Aimee and Adam have lost. RIP baby girl..
Sorry Hi/Lo Thursday is late, but we had to redo my whole machine last night as I had a virus.. :( Thankfully it is now fixed :)

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