Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Where did the Bunny leave them?

Way too much chocolate for one little boy!

My Mum lives in the country and every time we visit her, we always hope that the monkeys who live in the nearby valley will make an appearance as Caleb loves to see them, and especially to see the babies playing on the grass!

So over the Easter weekend, we kept hoping they would show up.. but alas, they never did… Until Sunday morning that is!!!

Caleb is an early riser – sort of 05h00 kind of early – so on Saturday evening Adam, my Mum and I sat around in the kitchen (drinking champagne) trying to decide the best way to hide his Easter eggs so that he would believe it was from the Bunny and not Mommy. There were a few things to take into consideration:

1. Caleb normally rises before dawn and wakes the rest of the household, so getting up before him is not an option.
2. Living in the country means that any number of night creatures could make off with the chocolate before the break of day.
3. There is a security guard who patrols my Mum’s garden from 18h00 till 06h00 every night – and if he finds chocolate lying around the garden, he make take it as a divine sign that they were sent to him to keep him awake through the long night.
4. My Mum has a separate cottage on her property and due to an overflow of guests at the hotel, a Japanese couple were spending the night in the cottage – I am not sure if the Easter Bunny visits Japan, but this couple may have been slightly suspicious to find to women, dressed in their nightgowns, running around the garden in the middle of the night throwing chocolate all over the shrubbery!

So it was with all these things in mind that we pondered our predicament!

The solution we decided upon involved my Mum distracting Caleb with tea and Tom and Jerry in the morning while I did the Bunny Dash around the garden.. what really happened was that the monkeys made an appearance at 05h00 on Sunday morning, and my Mum was left to run around the garden with her dressing-gown flowing out behind her and her ‘fly-swatt” in her hand – waving it madly and yelling, :GET GET GET to the monkeys to keep them away from the eggs while I threw them wildly around and Adam dressed Caleb!

This is the short version.. trust me it was a crazy morning! I wish I could go into the full hilarity of the event, but Caleb has observed (and rightly so) that it is our time and I must go and play with him outside while young Master Daniel is resting!

I hope you all had as blessed and wonderful Easter as we did!


Kristin said...

You for sure had a more exciting Easter experience than we did! :o)

The things we do to make our kids happy, right?

I love the painting pictures. I may take the boys outside this weekend and let them go crazy with the paint.

Sweet Joni said...

LOL I can only imagine how this would've looked to bystanders that didn't know about the choc. eggs & reason for the flyswatter! :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

Ninnles said...

That's hysterical! I can actually picture the whole scene! Man that is a lot of chocolate for one little boy!