Sunday, 19 April 2009

South Africa's Got Talent

On Saturday evening, my friend Samantha and I went out for a few drinks - my first "girls" night since Daniel was born.

What was supposed to be a fun-filled evening of her and I chatting and having a few laughs turned into a weird evening and many many laughs. We were looking for a venue that would be "happening" without the average age being 18. Most of all we just wanted to have fun. We must have tried about 6 venues, and each one was worse than the last, but by the time we arrived at the final destination we were so tired of driving around that we just decided to stay and have that drink.

For example, in the last venue, they were playing a song (which many people were dancing to) that went like this:

"Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, KFC and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, KFC and Pizza Hut

MacDonalds Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut"

No joke.. those were the words of the song.. the ONLY words of the song - Sam and I felt like we had gone back in time and were attending some weird gathering of an 80's cult.. needless to say, after a few drinks we were falling about laughing and I have now insisted that Sam is never allowed to choose a venue ever again!

The video attached to this is of the 4th or 5th venue that we tried - while we were sitting there, this group of guys (see exhibit A) kept making such a noise with their singing (read wailing) that we couldn't hear ourselves think. So eventually we asked them if we could video them for my blog - they agreed - they were very very drunk! They tried to persuade us that they are in a band.. what do you think?


Ninnles said...

Um!Yup... I think you should become a talent scout. Give ol' Simon Cowell a run for his money!These guys could be the next big thing.

Caron said...

Ummmm..... don't think so!!!!