Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thankful Thursdays!

I love this idea of saying thank you for a change!

My Thankful Thursday goes out to two very special ladies! It goes out to Granny and Nanna!

Granny - you do so much for us and for our boys I don't even know where to start. I always know that it doesn't matter how small or how big a problem is, I know I can call you at any time of the day or night and you will be there to help. Without you we would be forced to put our babies in the care of strangers.

You see bloggers, I do not work every day, but usually about two or three times per week. Mel/Granny (My MIL) arrives at my house at the crack of dawn on days that I am working - I Leave for work at around 06h30 in the mornings, and Mel always gets there around 06h00 to help get the boys ready for the day and make sure that I am out the house on time. She then takes Caleb to school and then looks after Daniel for the rest of the day. At around 15h00 she will collect Caleb from school, and then takes care of both my boys until I arrive home later that day. Not only does Mel do this without ever a negative word, but she also puts up with all my instructions on how to take care of my boys.

Over and above this, Granny has helped us out so many times with so many different things - I am sure that I don't even know about all the things Granny has done to help make our lives easier.

Mel / Granny - we are so grateful for your unconditional love and support - and eventhough I am not the easiest Daughter-in-Law to have, I always know that you are on my team and I can count on your support!

Nanna - You are, in so many ways, my safety net! I am truly one of the lucky ones to have a Mother who is so completely selfless. We have been through some rough times (not our relationship, just life) and you have always stood by me and done what is best for me, no matter the cost to you.

The emotional support that you give to me is priceless - I do not know how I would cope without it. You drive miles to see us eventhough you hate driving in strange places. And you are always trying to improve the quality of our lives - like the little problem I was discussing with you over the weekend at the kitchen table.. you know which one I am speaking of - you immediately provided an easy solution for me - I didn't even mention that I needed help, you just automatically and without considering the implications for yourself, tried to solve the problem for me.

Our almost daily chats are a joy to me and I know I can discuss anything with you. I am so very blessed to have you in my life - there would be such an empty space without you.

So thank you to both of you - even if sometimes the days get away from us, and we don't always say thank you or show appreciation as often as we should, Adam and I both know what we have in you!

Love us

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Ninnles said...

You are very lucky people!! So much love!