Monday, 27 April 2009

Family Day!

So quite a few people have been asking me how come there are never pictures of me on the blog.. and the answer is simple - I am in the middle of my weight-loss program.. and I really hate the way I look at the moment - and then a few of you made the comments that I must get a grip.. lol.. I have just had a baby, and have had two babies in 3 years, so of course my body is not going to be perfect.. you also wanted to see how my weight-loss was coming along - so the first picture is about that.. I am about halfway... will post "after" pictures once I reach my goal weight.
Please also remember that we are not sleeping very much and Adam and I are both sick with flu.. so we don't look our best in these pictures!

This is my Mum - she came down from Rustenburg to spend the day with us - we loved having you Nanna - the boys loved getting some Nanna love again!

Okay, so I am looking more than a little tired.. but I am sure you understand!

So yes, we had a lovely day with Nanna yesterday, but Adam and I are now sick - Caleb is almost better, and Daniel turned the corner last night, but Adam and I feel awful... Which means that I am not feeling very creative with blogging at the moment.. I am sure you understand... but hopefully I will be back in full-swing soon!


Ninnles said...

You guys look amazing!I'm very jealous!

Caron said...

I think you guys look great, except for that one of you on your chair!!! Hope you guys all feel better soon. Only 2 months to go. Trying to book our tickets, but can't get into crew portal, and Sean fast asleep (playing pc games all night). So will get onto it asap!!! xxxx

Mama Notes said...

aww your family is so cute :)