Friday, 24 April 2009

To sleep per chance to dream..

The boys are both ill!

It is the age-old problem with pre-schoolers - one gets a runny nose, his/her parents still send the child to school and before you can say Vitamin C all the children are ill. This, in turn, leads to Superman bringing The Nasty home and within 24hours Sweet Baby Bear is also ill.

Sweet Baby Bear
Superman at Rest

For the past few nights Adam and I are averaging 2-3 hours sleep a night. Both children sleep peacefully until the minute we get into bed, then all hell breaks loose and shortly thereafter Adam and I begin our nightly "zombie-like-state" of passing each other in the passages as we swap children and take turns to clear blocked noses, clean up unmentionable "presents" the boys deposit in different places and generally sing anything that comes to mind and dance the jig around our home - until both boys usually rest peacefully somewhere around 04h00 and we finally crawl into bed - only to be awoken at around 05h00 by two happy and cheerful boys - until sunset that evening, when the cycle starts again!

I took these pictures about 30 minutes ago and it is evidence of how restful they are until we go to bed... as soon as I have blogged this post, I am going to attempt to sneak into bed and not alert The Radar!

Wish us luck!

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Ninnles said...

Hehe! Don't think look like angels when they sleep though?
Hope you caught 40 winks last night!