Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cry the Beloved Country

Imagine how you would react if Gordon Brown (BO) opened and closed his election rallies by
bursting into a song called Bring Me My Machine Gun, swaying and jigging to the
hypnotic chorus of this menacing ditty. And how would you feel if the Prime Minister (President) were alleged to be taking campaign money from Colonel Gaddafi; faced 783 counts of fraud,racketeering, tax evasion and corruption which somehow never came to court; and had
been acquitted of rape while his fearsome supporters mobbed the courthouse? Then ponder how you would despair if, despite all these things, Mr Brown's party was certain to win the election whatever he did or said. If you can picture all this happening in your country, then you have an inkling of the horrible process South Africa is now going through. Except it is much, much worse.
This fast-approaching catastrophe is a source of shame and apprehension to millions of honest people, white and black, in South Africa itself.
It is also a tragedy for Africa as a whole, a continent hungry for any reason to hope. And it is
grave news for the civilised world, which needs no more failed states.
Yet I can promise you I will be accused of alarmism and pessimism for saying so, and quite
possibly of 'racism' too.
How distressing to think it might never have come to this if the world had been more critical,
and more interested, during the long wasted years of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki.
Wide-eyed idealism has let us down again, as it always does.
It was not, as the fashionable people claimed, a fairy story. History did not stop when Nelson
Mandela ended his long walk to freedom. They are not all going to live happily ever after - Peter Hitchens.

Tomorrow we go to the polls and vote for our "democratically" elected government. I can tell you, it is with a heavy heart that I blog this post tonight. My heart breaks for my country, which will now be devided by ethnic background as it was over 15 years ago - the only difference being that it is no longer considered racism when it is "black on black" violence... Say what you will, I, for one, truely believie that tomorrow marks the beginning of our decsent into a "Zimbabwe" nation.

I mourn for all that could have been..

Cry my beloved country..

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