Monday, 1 November 2010

Daniel's 2nd Birthday

 Sweet Birthday boy just before we woke him!
 Adam leaves very early for work, so it was a 05:00 wake up call for presents
 Nothing like a brothers love
 Cake for breakfast is a tradition on the boys' birthdays.. was difficult to swallow at 05:00

 My three boys
 Eish it was a long day!
 Mathew and Ruth's baby girl Heather.. what a pretty little thing
 Adam with his "dont do that face"
 Halloween came early
 Ruth - Mathews wife and a very good friend!
 Lizelle - One of the most selfless people I have ever met..
 Adam's cousin Megan
 Adam's Mum
 My Mum
 Adam's cousin Michelle and her family
 The boys' 2nd cousin - beautiful girl!

lol.. He doesn't look sure about this cake thing!

1 comment:

Ang! said...

What did you do? Tell the poor kid that the cake was made from vegetables? ;-)