Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I have gone completely mad..

I have gone completely insane
That's right
You heard me
I am coocookachooo
Off my rocker
I am hearing the music for The Twilight Zone in my head
Can't you hear it?
Do you hear that or is it just me?
"No, it's just you!"
Who said that?
It is 01:23:56 in the morning
And I am awake
I just can't sleep
I am exhausted
I am more than exhausted
Every night it's the same thing
Pretty much constant for months now
I average between 2 and 4 hours sleep a night..
I have been awake since 03:30:00 this morning..
and it is now 01:24:34
OMG I am so tired..

*Sitting at my desk
fingers on the keys
(Yes I touch type in case you are wondering
You were wondering weren't you?
Or was that me?
My head hurts
Where were we?
Oh yes, I must close the bracket-thingie
Here goes)
banging my head real slow and steady against my desk whilst typing this*

Please let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

Its just not fair...
The lack of fairness sucks big suckie stuff (Do you think I will win any awards for that sentence?)

I think Coocookachoo got screwed...


Ang! said...

Blogging at 1am...yip I'd say you've gone a little wonky! ;-)

Scotty said...

Not entirely mad, just a little like the rest of us insomniacs! I understand you feelings. Been averaging about 3 and a half hours a night myself for the last few months! Sucks like crazy!