Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Johannesburg Pride 2010

 Can you believe that this guy actually walked around like this the whole day???  I figured due to the sensitive nature of some of my readers, I would show you the view from behind and spare you the full frontal!
 And these guys were in full Playboy Bunny gear.. unfortunately they took off the shirts before I could get a picture!

 This was hilarious!  This girls shirt says, : Pasop vir die darkies.  Which, translated into English means, "Beware of the darkies" I am not going to go into this in detail.. if you do not see the humour in this T-Shirt, then you have never lived in SA!  We had such a good laugh with this girl.. she must have the most wicked sense of humour of anyone I met there!
 I felt rather manly next to these two "ladies"
 She asked me if we could hurry up and take the pic as she had so many eligible people still to meet..lol

 Ahhhh... the boys... damn it was so hot standing here..
Lizelle's idea of heaven... tsk tsk, we all have our dreams!

Last Saturday I went to Johannesburg's annual Gay Pride March - this year marks the 21st anniversary of this event.  I was invited to Pride (those in the know simply call it Pride (apparently)) by Lizelle who is very quickly becoming a close friend of mine. 

I cannot say that I was not a little nervous.. I was sure that I was going to be the only straight person amongst 50 000 gay people.  Lizelle assured me that I would be perfectly safe as apparently I do not feature on the Gaydar (If I need to explain Gaydar you should not be reading this post) at all - now, I know I am a little weird, but I kind of took offence to this... oi.. chicks.. never happy!

Anyway.. I have to say that it was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.. there was no aggression.. no fighting.. and no bursting testosterone that usually goes along with drinking beer in the sun - although, having said that, there was plenty fluffing of tail feathers.. prancing.. and of course the inevitable wrist waving..

For the benefit of my heterosexual readers, here are some interesting things I learnt about the gay world that you may not be aware of:
1.  Only straight people use the word lesbian.
2. Unless you are talking about the angry lesbians - if you are speaking of them, it seems to be acceptable to use the word lesbian...
3.  Due to my unwillingness to upset the angry lesbians, I will not go into detail on how to spot one.
4.  Just because your legs look better in heels than mine do, doesn't mean you should be wearing stripper heels - it takes years of practice to pull this off.
5.  If you insist on wearing heels and very little else, you should at least shave or preferably wax.
6.  If you do not understand why you should not be saying the word lesbian, it is too late to google it.
7.  The gay world is far less hung-up on shallow things than the heterosexual world.
8.  They are also far more accommodating of your prejudice than you are of their lifestyle.
9.  They don't care what you think.
10. Nor should they have to.
11. Feathers are not a special occasion accessory, but rather a life changing necessity of the modern world.
12. Good support is vital no matter which body part you need to wear it on (see picture 1).
13.  If someone who weighs more than you pinches your bum, you should thank them from the bottom of your heart for giving you any attention at all.
14. If we all could live and let live, this world would be a happier place.
15. The most important lesson I learnt last weekend, was that prejudice is born from fear of the unknown.

I had an absolutely rocking time with Lizelle, Kim and ALL the girls on Saturday... and you can be sure that next year I will be there with bells on.. literally.. I think it is time bells make a comeback!


adele horn said...

it was a super day.
the pic with the cops is my office mate, her girlfriend, her daughter, and the daughter's friend.
she worked so hard on those outfits, and they looked awesome!

Just an ordinary woman said...

Thanks for the comment!

We absolutely loved the day!

And Lizelle loved the cops so much she literally ran after them to get a pic with them.. and must have mentioned them a gazillion times in the next 24 hours.. lol..

Amazing that with so many people there it is still such a small world!

Marina said...

It looks awesome!! So much fun.. next time you are in the area please give me a shout! would love to see you again :)

ItsOKay said...

Oi – If I recall correctly they ran after me! Fair enough, that could very possibly be my ego speaking, but it was good fun.
Loving your post and the fact that you actually listened to the GAY-101 lessons, and please - don’t indulge the need to return the favour re. The straights.
I do feel that it is my duty to inform your readers that you looked like a complete tourist and I am very grateful that you left the big-ass-tourist-camera in the car

BTW did you notice that it looks like I'm touching the chick with the Darkie shirt's booby. O dear - It's a boobytrap