Monday, 15 November 2010

Caleb's EEG

Caleb's Doctor, for a few reasons, wanted Caleb to have an EEG to check for anything "strange".  We had to keep him up until 23:00 last night, and wake him by no later than 04:00 this morning.  We were also not allowed to give him any sugar, and were only allowed to give him a really small snack when we woke him this morning!  The theory behind this is that if there is anything strange going on, you are more likely to pick it up when the brain is under stress...

Needless to say last night was fun and games for everyone in the house!  At around 22:00 last night Adam, Caleb and I were playing soccer in the garden.  Caleb was absolutely zonked.. he was saying crazy stuff and not making much sense at poor baby!  The picture is of him at 04:00 this morning.. eating his one allowed piece of toast!

The good news is that the Doctor says that from the initial look of the test, there is nothing that we need to worry about - they will give us a more detailed report when we go back on Monday.



Ninnles said...

Will keep him in my prayers nevertheless.

Ang! said...

Poor kid...hope he's okay!