Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Daughtry Concert...

Ok.. so it seems that no matter where I go, I am always causing trouble..

On Friday night Lizelle and I went to see Daughtry at The Dome - Anyone who knows me knows I love Daughtry.. In fact, love is probably a mild word... I adore him... I know the words to all his songs.. There is a good chance that I have stalker qualities when it comes to Daughtry.. and George of course..

So on our way in, at the gate, they are searching people, as they do - and when we get to the front the "security" lady insists that the camera I am carrying is too big to take into the venue.  At this point I am feeling a wee bit frustrated - the car is miles away and to take the camera back would just be insanity...

While I am contemplating this, the "security" in the row next to us tells me that for "a little something", she will let me in with my camera!  Ahhh.. welcome to Africa.. everything is possible for a price!  We only have R100 notes on us.. so I stick R100 underneath my ticket and hand it to her - she takes it all smiles and duly lets us in with the camera.

The whole two hours Lizelle and I are snapping away with the camera - no problem!  During the second last song I go to take pictures of Daughtry.  While I am standing there with this camera stuck to my face trying to get a good view of him, suddenly my view becomes all blurry and I hear this really big voice (coming from somewhere above me) "Where is your media bracelet?" 

Hello God, is that you?

I take the camera away from my face just as I feel someone grabbing my wrist.  In front of me is this huge "rent a cop" who is behaving in a very aggressive manner.  It went like this..

Rent a cop - Lady I asked you where your media bracelet is
Me - I am not from the media
Rent a cop - then you are not allowed to take pictures with that camera.  How did you get through the door with that camera?
Me - I walked
Rent a cop - Dont get %&*&%  cheeky with me.  How did you get through the door with that camera?
Me - Dude, I am not being cheeky, I really did walk through the door.
Rent a cop - If you take one more %%^&*(* picture I will slap you with a R50 000 fine
Me - Listen, there is no need to flex your muscles with me!  I am not drunk and disorderly, I am not causing any trouble, all you had to do was ask me nicely and politely to put the camera away and I would have.  It is not necessary to speak to me in that tone.

With that, the Rent a cop walked away...


The concertt was awesome though.. had a fabulous time!  He is so worth seeing live!

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Hayley said...

Damn... i was so wanting to go that concert...kicking myself now :-(