Sunday, 28 November 2010

Is there life after Blackberry?

I keep looking for you
feeling lost
and so cut off from the world..


Of whom do I speak?  The answer may shock you...

I am writing tonight about the devastating loss of my Blackberry.  Although, it has to be said that loss is not the correct word.  My Blackberry was stolen.. that's right.. stolen... And it is not like I left it out in the open, or forgot it at the ATM (which I have done before btw - but returned in time to find it still there).  It was in the pocket of my jacket, which was on the back of my chair at dinner. 

I am truly in mourning.. I love that phone with a passion bordering on OCD.  My Blackberry and I are always together.. and I mean ALWAYS!  When I brush my teeth she is there next to the basin waiting patiently for me to finish my ablutions.  When I walk from the bathroom across our bedroom to my closest, she is there waiting on the shelf with my T-shirts for me to finally make up my mind as to which outfit will best suit OUR mood that day.  If I am making coffee, cooking dinner, watching TV or taking out the rubbish my BB is there..

And now she is gone.. stolen away by some spawn of Satan into the night.. never to be seen again.. Oh woe is me.. How will I cope... where do I turn?  I feel like I have lost a close friend.. a sister.. a confidant..

The only upside to this "death in the family" is that Adam insisted we insure our phones a month or two ago... Plus I did a back-up from my phone last Tuesday - which I have not done in months..

So there is light at the end of the tunnel.. it is very faint... and very far away (it will be at least 2 days until I finalise all the paperwork to replace her), but at least there is a light..

Will it ever be the same?  Can a new sister truly ever replace the one that is lost?

Woe.. woe.. oh woe is me!


Adam said...

Me i'm not so upset, nice to see my wifes eyes again.

Ang! said...

I hear you Adam, my wife recently got one too. I haven't seen her eyes since! ;-) boss's BB committed suicide last week. Took a dive into the bath!

Kerren said...

Oh BB.. wherefore art thou my BB... :(

But every hour I survive brings me closer to my new one :)