Monday, 7 February 2011

You think the other one was bad?

So.. if you think some of my posts in the recent past have been very personal and hectic, then you aint seen nothing yet!

Last week I participated in a Guest Blog.  It is run every week for women by a woman, and it concerns their self esteem.  It was very difficult for me to write - it was very honest, way more honest and in detail than anything I have posted on my blog to do with my insanity.  And I have spent the past 4 days trying to decide whether to post it on my blog or not.

You see, most of the feedback I have received lately about my very personal and painful posts has been very positive, but one or two people have hinted that perhaps it is TMI for my blog..  While I respect their opinions, I do not agree with them.  Part of what my blog is about is a place for me to be able to express without consequence.. It is my contribution to healing myself.. I love to write.. and I find it liberating to be able to send it out to the big wide world and let it go.  I think it helps me let it go if I give it to the world..


This guest post that I did for another blog sheds some light on the demons I am currently dealing with - On my blog I never give specifics, but on that blog I did... so.. I have decided to not post it here (for fear of shocking some of the old folk out of their socks), but it was a very healing post for me and one I am very proud of myself for having the courage to write...

Long story short.. If you would like to read it, please either mail me ( or leave a comment here with your contact details and I will forward the link to you!

Happy Blogging!


ICMozzy said...

I have read it and was moved by the intense honesty portrayed in each word written. I have no doubt that fear was sitting on your lap as you formed the difficult sentences and that hesitation, along with the risk of being judged was ever present – but you did it Kay! You found the strength that all who love you have always known to be within you, and you acted. You voiced the secrets that have been eating away at the most sacred ends of your existence... and now, healing can begin. I have no doubt that your path will not only help you heal, but that it will also become a beacon of light to so many out there who find themselves in the dark. I am so proud to be able to call you my friend.

Out there said...

Hi there,
Would consider it a priveledge to read your "full disclosure"... I think the fact that you have posted it 'out there', even if not on your own blog, is very corageous and I admire you for your bravery.
You can forward me the link if you so choose - or via inbox on FB.

Husband said...

Being first your friend and then husband has given me great insight into the damage caused by your history and The one thing that pleases me the most about your guest blog is that you have been enlightened to a fact that i and those who love you have always know.

I cheer for you like you did for yourself.

You should be very proud of yourself for taking the path less traveled, come what may you will find your peace and you will be a whole person again.

Your boys are very proud of you too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are too much like me. I too always got stuck in dilemma while writing personal posts thinking that how people will react to it. As I can not express myself as well as you, so would just like to say that your words are perfect for me too. :-)

Off course i would love to read your experience, my email id is

with best regards
Dhananjai Rao

Kerren said...

Thank you so much for your comments.. I really appreciate the thoughts and support..

It always helps to know we are not alone


Ninnles said...

Girl, you'll never, ever be alone! Keep going, we all have faith in you!