Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Can you hear the crazy laugh?

Oh look.. it is Tuesday... and what does that mean folks? 

That's right.. you guessed it.. It is DrKakka day... yay lucky me!

Last week when I spoke to him about my inner bitch, he apologised for not showing her enough respect.. and for not taking her seriously enough..  Then he told me that my homework for this week is to research how you retrain a dog that has been abused.  He explained that when I described the spitting snarling rabid bitch behind the fence, she is probably more frightened than I am.. and it would be wise for us to know what we are getting into before we open the gate completely.. Not only that, we need to have a game-plan on how to deal with her initially, as well as how we are going to help her get past her fear and conditioning..

I know I know.. it sounds odd right?  That I need to research how to retrain an abused dog for my therapy session today..  But if I have learnt anything over the past months with DrKakka, it is that I have complete faith in him.. he has never let me down.. he builds trust.. and so if this is what he thinks I need to do for this weeks session, then this is what I will do..

There is only one problem.. I am struggling to focus..

I am a little distracted.. you see, I found a lump.  It is about the size of a pea..it is pretty hard.. it doesn't hurt.. I know that it is probably nothing.. very certainly nothing.. Surely if I were ill I would feel it?  And yet even having said that, there is still a very small voice whispering in my head "what if?'  Yes yes, I am completely aware that I am a Drama Queen - guilty as charged.. but...  It is still making me a little nervous.. There have just been so many people in my world affected by that illness, that I cannot help feeling a little stirring of concern in my tummy somewhere..

Eish.. But perhaps that is just an excuse to avoid my homework... Really don't feel like doing it.. but I guess I must.. wouldn't want to get into trouble with DrKakka..

Right.. homework time!


Ninnles said...

Go get it checked out, worrying about it is just going to keep you awake at night and you don't need any help staying awake.
You can do your homework first but then make an appointment to get it checked. I have spoken.

I Love Ski Jumping said...

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