Monday, 2 March 2009

Robert Mugabe's Birthday

Robert Mugabe celebrated his 85th birthday this weekend with a lavish party in Chinhoyi!

The OTT party included 4,000 portions of caviar, 100kg of prawns, 8,000 lobsters and 2,000 bottles of champagne – How does this man sleep at night??? He enjoyed such a grotesque affair while more than half the country survives on just one meal a day – and this meal usually consists of nothing more than porridge.

The celebrations cost more than $500 000 – while it is suggested that it would take more than $5bn to save Zimbabwe’s health, social and education systems. In the same week that he spent so much money on his celebrations, he asked other African countries to rescue his collapsed economy with $2.8bn worth of aid!

His birthday cake weighed in at around 85kgs – while it is reported that 6.9million people are without food in Zimbabwe – 85KGS OF CAKE WHILE HALF THE NATION STARVES????

Mugabe stated in his birthday speech that his government and police force will continue to seize all white owned farms – without the proper support structures in place, the new owners of the farms will not be able to keep them productive and so less food will be produced resulting in more illness, starvation and misery for the Zimbabwean people.

It has also been confirmed that 3 894 people have now died of Cholera – why does the world do nothing?

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