Monday, 9 March 2009

In memory of Cody and to celebrate with Caz!

This weekend was the South African Cancer Shavathon - They collect money for Cancer research and to help families of Cancer sufferers. You have the option of either shaving your head or 'spray-painting" it different colours. Adam and Caleb wanted to shave their heads, but Caleb changed his mind at the last moment and decided to paint his with mommy instead. I wanted to get a picture of my hair too, but the day just got away from us.. so above is Caleb with his green hair just sticking out of his Spur hat.. and Adam, pulling a face (as usual whenever someone points a camera at him) showing off his bald head!

Caz, my sister-in-law is a Cancer survivor and every year we go to honour her and celebrate with her. Caz and Sean (Adam's brother) now live in Dubai, so this year we went without her, but still for her. YAY! Go sista go!

This year I also dedicated my new hair colour to Cody... Cody lost his battle to cancer last Friday.. and I am still extremely sad over his passing.. Rest in peace little boy...

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Caron said...

Hey sista, thanks for that it was great of you guys to do that. I've been reading your stuff all the time, and am very sorry to hear that Cody lost his battle. It's really shit that we don't all get another chance at life!!!! Sean in Mauritius, and then he goes to Jhb next week, then it's my turn!!!!!!! Will you fetch me from airport??? I land at 16h30. Can't wait to see you, and I think we should do LUNAS that night (on me), whaddaya think?? Can't wait to see you all, and please give my boys a kissxxxx