Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A suspected criminal for president! VIVA!

Jacob Zuma... ahhh.. now there is a name that is never boring!

Jacob Zuma is the ANC's candidate to be the next president of South Africa!

For those of you who don't know, Jacob Zuma has (for a number of years) been under the spotlight on suspicion of fraudulent activities! Mr Zuma has often protested that he is being framed by his opponents so as to ensure that he does not come to power. He has always said that all he wants is his day in court to prove his innocence - the funny thing about this is that every time a court date is set, Mr Zuma's lawyers find some urgent reason why the case should not go to court.

This is a man who has 5 wives - it would have been 6, but he divorced one, who, incidentally, is our Minister of Health. Yet even with all of these wives, he felt it necessary to have unprotected intercourse with a woman who is HIV positive. When this story was leaked to the media, Mr Zuma told the country not to panic, as he had taken a shower after the act, and so there was no way that he could catch the disease! SAY WHAT? This coming from a man who used to head the AIDS council in South Africa.

Even if you forget the ramifications that this has for his health, what about the message it is sending to the rest of the country? Especially since it is still believed, in some of the rural areas of Africa, that having sex with a virgin will cure/save you from AIDS! Now these same people believe that if you have a shower it will stop you catching the disease??? Give me strength!

Will we be the first country in the world to elect an idiotic felon as our president? Not to mention the fact that one of the first tasks of a new president is to appoint a new Chief Justice..

It will be a dark day for the whole of Africa should this man come to power.

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Kristin said...

It is funny you bring up the belief about having sex with a virgin curing you. I just finished reading an article about the practice and was amazed that people really believe this.