Monday, 9 February 2009

Never a dull moment..

Caleb got hold of a large ball of string on Saturday and proceeded to wind it all around the garden - it was wound around all the gates, outside furniture, trees, buildings, drainpipes and even our driveway gate! Being the kind of parents that we are, we let him have fun with it - never guessing that it would turn into a nightmare!!!

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the shops quickly - as I was driving out our gate, it occurred to me that it was taking an awfully long time for the gate to open - I assumed the battery must be going flat on either the gate or the remote, and made a mental note to purchase new ones.. no problemo!

On my return from the shops, I could not get the gate to open properly; it went halfway and then got stuck and would not open or close. I, of course, jumped out the car to see what the trouble was and within seconds I was bent double with laughter. I am not sure if you can see the detail in the photo, but all the string had pulled loose from the rest of the garden and was now wound so tight, and in such a mess that it was impossible to open or close the gate.

It took Adam 45 minutes to finally free the gate and allow me to get my car inside.. ha ha ha.. always funny in hindsight.. was not so funny for Adam bent over double for 45 minutes!

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