Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday!

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High for the week:

My high for this week has been taking care of Daniel's illness without antibiotics! I always regret how I let the Doctors insist Caleb had to have antibiotics all the time - the more he takes them, the weaker his immune system becomes and the less effective they are - I am determined to not go down that path with Daniel - Once you know better, you do better! Daniel is fighting off the infection on his own, and building his immune system at the same time!

Low for the week:

Both boys have been sick this week - Caleb has just finished his second round of antibiotics for the month. Caleb is still coughing, but is on the mend. Daniel has been a very sick little boy - vomiting every day and more phlegm than you would think one wee baby could produce!

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