Friday, 13 February 2009

Outmaneuvered by a 3-year-old!

Caleb is at home sick again today – He has a nasty cough and a sinus infection. So by 10:30 (considering we all get up at 05:00) Caleb and I are both feeling a bit of cabin fever, I decide to take him to the video shop to choose a movie. While I am drawing money from the ATM, Caleb spots a row of toys in Spar (a Supermarket) so he starts that whining that all 3-year-olds do begging me for toys.

So I decide to be firm with him and not let him manipulate me, so I say to him, “Caleb, you may choose one item and only one”. At first he is a little unhappy about this, but after a few minutes of me standing firm and feeling like a responsible parent, he scuttles off to pick his one item.

However, to my (secret) amusement he returns with the largest box he can possibly carry in his little arms. Upon inspection of the box, I was amused to find it contained approximately 10 toys! I was so amused and impressed with his ability to deduce the best possible solution to his problem that I allowed him to keep the box!

If nothing else, this has proven to me what a smart little boy I have!


Lking said...

Sounds like he knows how to shop well!!

Ninny said...

Hehe! Clever little chap!

Caron said...

It looks like he takes after his xx