Saturday, 13 December 2008

Oh happy Day!

The good news is that my strategy for stretching Daniel between feeds is really working. Each night (3 since I started it) has been an improvement on the last. We have generally got it down to only two wakings a night now. He has a feed just before we go to bed and then he will feed again around 01h00 or 02h00 and then will feed again between 05h00 and 06h00 - then I demand feed him during the day as much and as long as he likes. I am so happy that this strategy is working.. clever mommy!

Sorry Mel, but I have to blog about this..

My in-laws were round for dinner on Thursday night, and when I mentioned the trouble of Daniel not wanting to sleep, Mel, my Mother-in-Law said, "There is an easy solution to this you know". To which I replied, "Yes?" and Mel said, "give him porridge"

Give him porridge.. give him porridge??????? He is only 7 weeks old...and still 5 months away from needing solid food!

You see, there is a story behind this.. When Caleb was a few months old, we were having trouble with his sleeping as well at night.. and everyone in the family was putting pressure on me to start putting porridge in his bottles. They all said that he was waking because he was so hungry, and if I would just give him porridge, this would solve the problem. Well, when Caleb was 4 months old I caved under pressure and gave it to him. Needless-to-say it didn't help our lack of sleeping problem at all.. In fact, he gained absolutely no benefit from it at all!!

So the night before my in-laws came round, I was chatting to Adam and I was saying that, no matter how much pressure I was under, I was not going to cave with Daniel and give him solids early.. I also said, "lets see how long it is before your Mom suggests porridge". And what do you know, the very next evening Mel suggested it..LOL!

No offence meant Mel.. I know that we are all different in how we raise our children, and each mother has to do what she believes is best for her children.. I firmly believe that there is no benefit to giving a baby solid food before 6 months..Mel raised 3 happy healthy strapping young men, so I know it must have worked for her boys!

Anway, that is my story for the day!


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