Saturday, 6 December 2008

First Post

So this is my first post.. I am not really sure how to start it, but I want to have a blog so as to be able to update family and friends on the boys progress.

Caleb had a really busy day - he went to swimming practice at 08:30 this morning and has been playing up with toddler tantrums all day. I think it's because Granny secretly gave him sugar for breakfast this morning! Caleb slept at their house last night and ever since we picked him up this morning he has been bouncing off the walls and when I asked him what he had for breakfast at Granny's house, he says chocolate spread (Nutella).. hmmm.. I am inclined to believe him because he loves to get Granny into trouble and tell me all about his secret sugar stash at her house.

Daniel has had a fairly quiet day - he has been slightly grumpy due to him having his 6-week check-up and shots yesterday. He is weighing in at 5.1kgs and he is 58.5cms. Which means he is right at the top of the graph for what he should be gaining! Even the nurse said, "Mrs Rennie, you know he is going to be one large lad don't you?"

Okay well that is enough for my first post, I have to dash and get Caleb into bed..

Chat again soon

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