Thursday, 11 December 2008


So Daniel is in a 2-hour feeding routine at the moment and it is killing Adam and I... this is how it goes at night:
Daniel wakes for a feed
Takes 40 minutes to feed and wind him
5 minutes to change his nappy (diaper)
30 minutes for him to fall asleep
Takes me 10 minutes to fall asleep
Then I sleep for about 30 minutes,
Then we start the process all over again..

So last night I decided that enough was enough.. and we started stretching him.. (his feedings, not his and he managed to go for 4 hours between feeds, but still didn't sleep very well. So wish me luck that tonight will be better!

Sorry for the short and boring post, but due to the above, I am not feeling very creative.. I will make up for it I pomise!

Oh and if any of you have any tips on fixing the above problem, I am all ears.. or eyes as it were


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