Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday Morning

Yawn.. another long night last night - Daniel was awake to feed every 2.5 hours, which, as you can imagine, is absolutely exhausting. He is asleep now (10:25) so I thought I would take this opportunity to post again..there is something specific I want to get off my chest..
I am not sure how many of you read the Sunday Times this weekend, but there was a story on about Page 3 about a young man who murdered his mother. He made a few comments which really had an impact on me.
He said that his only regret was that he had not killed her 20 years ago, he said that he deserved the toughest sentence possible and that he wouldn't fight it and he also said that he would not justify the public's curiosity by telling why he killed her, but that the members of the family knew.
I have been thinking about this story constantly since yesterday.. I looked in on Caleb sleeping last night, and I look at Daniel now as he sleeps and I wonder at that man's life - that he would grow up to feel this way? What drives a child to murder his mother and the fact that he does not regret it and wishes he had done it sooner?
I look at my sweet boys and know that I could never hurt them.. not intentionally.. and I think how sad it is that some women are called mothers, and yet they have absolutely no right to claim that title as their own.
A mother is one who knows the unique bond of mother to child. A mother is one who would sacrifice all, even her life, for that of her child. A mother is nuturing and loving above all else. It astounds me that we must have a license to drive a car, or carry a gun, and yet anyone can become a parent. Becoming a parent seems just as dangerous for some children as being in a car accident, or being shot! Look at Baby P..what a sad story.. I can't even think of Baby P without tears in my eyes!
There is a blog that I follow about a young mother who found out at 20weeks gestation that her baby had Trisomy 18. I wont go into great detail, but Trisomy 18 is a fatal condition. Trish delievered little Max last Friday and he lived for only 3 hours before gaining his wings. Trish is in a world of pain at the moment at Max's passing - Trish deserves to be a mother, and yet her arms are empty and her heart is broken.. the world is an unfair place!
Mothers go home this evening and love your children.. be grateful that you have them.. remember why you had them in the first place.. give them an extra hug before bedtime.. and know that you are blessed.



Mandz said...

Kerren, reading this blog entry of yours just makes me appreciate that much more what being a mother actually means... even tho i get angry at them sometimes, i could never hurt them! What happened to Baby P churned my stomache, and I also can't even think about it without sobbing my heart out for that little boy who had to endure such pain and torture at the hands of a cow who dared call herself his "mother"...

Kelly said...

I have not heard anything about Baby P, but hope this little one is in a better place now. I am not sure how any parent could abuse their child, but my thought processes are different than an a abuser as are yours. Luckily your boys have a mommy who loves them dearly and will always have their best interests at heart.