Thursday, 13 January 2011

So this is where I am at...

I know I am not blogging.. I know it has been ages... but this picture says it all!

I am still seeing Doctor-Feelgood - although, at the moment he is not making me feel very good.  I am still dealing with a whole lot of insanity in my head... and some of it (actually most of it) is not fit for public consumption.. and so I am unable to blog..

I hope this is temporary.. as I really miss writing.. it is soothing to my soul.. and heaven knows my soul could use some soothing right now..


1 comment:

Ang! said...

Just a thought, just 'cos you can't write here, doesn't mean you can't write. Buy a journal and write by hand. Write three pages every morning. You'll feel better. Julia Cameron says so!