Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Poem for Caleb

I stand in the road and watch as he walks away
Head held high he faces the world without fear
Confident in the knowledge that he is imortal
Safe in the arms of the love we provide

If only he knew...
I am glad he does not
I cannot protect him forever
I know this to be true

and yet

Every fibre of my being screams out to protect him
To scold the 4-year-old stranger who does not greet him
To tell him he is perfect and all others fall short
To assure him that if there is a problem it must be theirs..

for in him lies perfection...
perfection that every mother feels to be true
even so I know I cannot teach him this
I must teach him truth as the world sees it

If he is to grow strong
If he is to stand against the oppressor
If he is to think for himself when all others follow blindly
I must teach him truth..

but the truth will hurt
I cannot protect him from hurt
How is it that I can no longer protect him from hurt
How bitter the pill that as he grows I must allow him to hurt

I will teach him truth
I will teach it gently
but he will learn truth
and with it he will grow strong

You are my first-born
With your first breath you gave me faith
I owe you so much
Truth is my gift to you

10 March 2010

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Ninnles said...

Nice sentiment Kerren. You know you can never delete this blog page hey... you have to save it for your kids to read one day.