Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Natural vs "You are going to do what???"

I am a firm believer in all things Mother Natureish... Natural Mothering... One-to-One Mothering.. flexible routines... Organic homemade baby food etc etc etc..

I am becoming increasingly concerned at the modern woman's eagerness to raise children in the "fast food" mentality.. let me explain..

Both my boys were brought into this world naturally. From start to finish - Caleb took 20 hours and Daniel made me work for 34 hours. These were the toughest but most rewarding 54 hours of my life. Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete drama queen, especially when it comes to pain - and yet there was not even a question for me about whether to deliver naturally or elect to have a Doctor cut my baby from my tummy! Now now, before everyone gets all huffy, I have no problem with C-sections when they are medically necessary. But therein lies the key, "medically necessary" is the important concept in that sentence.

So many women are electing to have their baby cut from their womb (am I the only one who hears how wrong that is?). So many say things like, "it is convenient", "it is safer", "the doctor says...", or my personal favourite, "I don't think I could handle labour". Ummm... is that not what you were designed for? Especially given the fact that you can now have an epidural?

Moving on...

When did feeding your children healthy food become such a chore? Now don't get me wrong, both my boys love take-aways and fast food, but it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that this is a treat and not the norm. Fizzy drinks, sweets, chips and instant food are all items that set our children up for health failure in the future.

It is really not that difficult to pack healthy lunches for your children. And the sooner you start this practice the more likely you are to achieve your goal! Caleb has never known anything about junk food for school...Once a week he gets a treat and is allowed to order a snack from the tuck-shop at school. Every other meal/snack-time is made up of fruits, nuts, raw vegetables, different types of cheese, yoghurt etc.. I send only water to school for him, and thus this has become the norm for him.

Daniel is 16 months old, and prefers tomatoes, beans, carrots and cheese to junk food (he hates yoghurt though lol).

I know how some of this may sound, and please believe me, I in no way think I am "Mom of the Year". I make my share of mistakes, and take the easy road far more often than I would like, but I believe that we, as mothers (parents) need to decide what is worth compromising on, and what is not. Caleb does not wear designer gear, he does not have the latest toys or the biggest home to live in - but he does eat a healthy diet, his tv is limited every day and he loves reading books - I think a pat on the back now and then for mom and dad is well deserved.

Come on moms.. step up to the plate... the easy road is not always the best road!

(okay.. climbing down off my soap-box now)


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Glad to have you back and blogging. I'm sure your soap box missed you too. Seriously though, all good points. Ones I'll have to think about one day soon I suppose.