Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Better the devil you know?

For the benefit of my international readers, this is Julius Malema - he is the President of the ANC Youth League in South Africa. The blog you are about to read is highly controversial and will not be appreciated by all - you have been warned!

The ANC Youth League is exactly what it sounds like, it is the coming together of the young and upcoming members of our ruling party, the ANC. Julius Malema has been a thorn in the side of many South Africans for some time. He is prone to outrages statements and public displays of anger.

When South Africa's president, President Jacob Zuma , was accused of rape, Julius Malema had this to say, "When a woman didn't enjoy it she leaves early in the morning. Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, request breakfast and ask for taxi money. In the morning that lady requested breakfast and taxi money. You can't ask for money from someone who raped you."

I will not get into the insanity of this statement in this blog, that is a story for another day. I will say this, anyone who understands the absolute destitution of the poor in Africa would see the necessity behind the lady in question requesting a meal and money to return home. Anyone who has ever been taken advantage of by someone in power will see this situation for exactly what is was... but I digress...

Julius Malema is in the news again at the moment for a controversial issue. It is alleged that his companies have been awarded tenders from our government to the total of R140million. And if this is not bad enough, the work on these projects has never been completed, even though his companies have been paid in full. The ANC has jumped to Malema's defence (and of course their own) stating that because Malema is not a member of Parliament, nor a Cabinet minister, there has been no breach of the law! Ummmm... back up a second... am I the only one who sees this for what it is?

Further to that, Julius has disclosed that he earns R20 ooo per month. However, in the past year he has purchased two mansions for cash - they total about R5million in worth. He sports a Breitling watch worth around R250 000 and often wears Gucci suits. He owns a number of luxury cars and recently purchased a brand new Range Rover for cash.

What I am trying to get at, is that this is the man who shouts about representing the poor.. the man on the street... the suppressed who are still suffering due to Apartheid (I am sure they are)! How can he make statements about being poor... being down-trodden, when he lives in luxury that 95% of South Africans cannot even imagine, let alone achieve one day?

The man is a time -bomb! I do not doubt for one second that he is intelligent; I believe he is a master of manipulation. Due to him coming up from a very humble beginning, I believe it gives him unique insight into exactly what must be said to gain the backing of the masses. But he is no longer in touch with his people. He no longer feels the pain of going to bed on an empty stomach. His time of suffering the cold in winter is done. He never worries about how to put clothes on his back, let alone how he will pay for his children to attend school.

He says he has done nothing wrong? Tell that to the starving masses, explain to them how much he is worth and where he gets his money from - Let them decide. Or better yet, nationalise his assets and distribute it to those who really need it. Set up charities for the poor, feed the hungry, give the street children a bed and a warm meal in the evenings.

Shame on you Julius.. shame on you!

The man disgusts me! He is as transparent and shallow as a fish-bowl. I pray we never see the day this man gains real power in our society - he is the epitome of corruption and evil in South African politics. I have never really considered leaving my country, but the thought of the likes of him gaining control over my land frightens me enough to begin thinking of flight.

What a sad future that would be!


Ninnles said...

Hear, Hear! If you haven't read this yet this adds to your point: http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-09-21-the-world-according-to-julius-malema

I have to quote one line though 'Malema gets to the main rationale for his (and supposedly for other ANC personalities') ostentatious lifestyle: "If we are going to refuse the youth to drive these cars it means they are only good for white youth. Ours will never drive those cars. So we must sit and appreciate the good things by whites and not by one of our own. That's what we're trying to break."'

Out There said...

Too right ! Nothing more dangerous than a self serving manipulator in a position of "power".

To toss a further cat among the pigeons... Not so long ago, I recall a man by the name of Zuma, known for his outrageous statements and somethimes equally outrageous behaviour... makes you think....