Sunday, 12 July 2009

Who would do such a thing?

On Friday night my friend Sam and I went out for a few drinks. We went to our regular hangout - which is a pub just down the road from both our houses. One of the reasons we go there is because we know the owners and the staff, so we generally feel safe at this venue - especially since we go out without our other halves, and sitting in a pub for an evening without a male escort can sometimes be a less than safety conscious move, even in this day and age. Most of the regulars know us and look out for us - something went wrong on Friday night...

Sam and I both have a rather high tolerance level for alcohol - or perhaps it is just that we both handle alcohol very well - which means that we can have quite a few drinks and still not lose control. On Friday we both had a fair number of drinks. Some of them were bought for us and not by regulars to this establishment. In hindsight, there were way more "single" men there than usual.. and loads whom we had never met before..

I cannot tell you how it happened for my memory is a little hazy - which in itself is unusual as I am not one who forgets what happens.. All we know is that both Sam and I are convinced our drinks were spiked. We do not believe that it was one of the "date-rape' drugs as we did not feel sleepy.. or disoriented. We do however believe that it was some form of narcotic - probably to make us party more..

As I said, we went out on Friday night...and we were both still feeling the effects on Saturday afternoon.. some of the effects I experienced are:
Racing heart - in a big way!
Pulse all over the place
Sam and I both said it felt like we were shaking on the inside...

Luckily nothing happened to us.. and we look out for each other...but it could have ended very badly... I don't understand how someone can do something like that and still sleep at night?

It has left such a bad taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively)! Sam and I really enjoy our evenings out together and it is a pity that someone with such sinister motives has ruined it for us!


Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

Gosh that is terrible - I'm glad things turned out ok in the end...but it does serve as a warning to watch your drinks. I know we've had that happen in some places where we live and we make a point to watch each others drinks etc. It beggars belief that people would do such a thing really!

Samibabe said...

Unbelievable, it is something you read about, you don't think that it will ever happen to you....I am still in shock!

Samibabe said...

Would actually like to find out if anyone knows these side effects and what they think it was? I think I am going to start asking around K, cause this is very concerning.

Ninnles said...

That's dangerous!! Do they know what family you married into?