Saturday, 4 July 2009

Darryl - The Cousin!

This is my cousin Darryl and my sister's best friend Sarah!

Darryl lives about an hour's drive from me and Sarah lives about 4 hours drive from me. Yesterday we met up for a drink or two and it got a little out of hand... just a little!

It was awesome to see Darryl again - we get together far too seldom (Darryl you know but now that the situation has changed, I hope to see more of you... We have so little family this far inland that I think we should take care of the ones we have!

Sarah is my sister Angie's best buddy... and last night was the second time that I have met her. The first time was at a very stressful and tense family reunion, so we never really got to chat, but last night I spent quit a bit of time with her and she is fabulous!!! Hope to see you again soon too...

I apologise for the quality of the picture...:)

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Samibabe said...

That's what happens to taking pics when misbehaving...hope you had fun.