Monday, 6 July 2009

Where is He?

If God is out there then where is He?

I know I know, another depressing post... but Thursday is drawing near (click here to understand the meaning of Thursday) and I am struggling with it.. it is suffocating..

And I am struggling...

It hurts and I am struggling..

So answer me this.. where is God? If He knows my pain and He sees all then where is He?

I have looked for Him so many times.. so many times have I tried to find what the reborn have found.. but it eludes me... Where is He?


Samibabe said...

I understand my friend that you are at a difficult place right now.I will always be there for you and you know that Adam is there too,sometimes it does a person good to talk and cry openly. So when you are ready or even if you just need quiet company, let me know. You are a wonderful friend, one that some people only dream of having, I am truely blessed to have you have come into my life and I don't like to see you struggling on your own through a time when you need comfort and support. I will be waiting, so when you are ready....Be strong my friend. Love you! In my thoughts always.

Anonymous said...

When you are ready to let go you will find what you are looking for.

Husband said...

Love you and will hold you tight when the darkness calls.

Anonymous said...


I am here with you. The moon is in a bad phase (if it isnt then lets just say it is) lots of bad news is about.

My thoughts with you, remember that your loss shines in your current beauties.

I wish i was as fortunate to ahve created such beauty, and therfore i envy you.

See him in your others.

Love you lots and hugs to all the boys in your life.