Thursday, 9 July 2009


As I sit and remember
When you were still a part of me
I try to forget
Your life was never meant to be
You were given a life, a soul, a name
But now things will never be the same
You were mine to give life to
Though only for a while
Then things changed and
I will never see your smile
Yet my love for you will never disappear
Though your voice, your laugh
I will never get to hear
You will always be my baby
Though I have never seen your face
Not a thing in this world
Will ever take your place

Happy EDD Little One - I hope you are eating cake and opening presents in Heaven..

Is it wrong for me to want today to pass quickly...tick tock tick tock


Kristin said...

I hope the day did pass quickly for you.

Thinking of you!

Lorette said...

Thinking of you! Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you

Take care today :)


Anonymous said...

The day WILL pass my girl and then look forward. I feel for you today

Ninnles said...

Day is almost done... hope it did go quickly!