Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A New Year .. A New You!

Happy New Year..!!!

I cannot believe that 2009 is here already.. Daniel was born last year..it sounds so weird to say this as he is only 10 weeks old!

I have so many things to talk about that I am not even sure where to start!

We had a lovely holiday - we went up to Magaliesburg (mountains) for 10 days to spend time with my Mum. It was a fabulous holiday. Adam and Caleb swam every day and Caleb's swimming has come on in leaps and bounds. I am so proud of him - to think that this time last year he hardly went near the water, and now he is a regular little dolphin - diving under the water to retreive items left on the bottom by Daddy.. it was really sweet to watch - My little hero!

Daniel is just as wonderful as ever! He weighed 5.4kgs at his last weigh-in which was over a month ago, so I am sure he is over 6kgs by now.. He is such a good baby we really are blessed - he seems to be the complete opposite to everything that is MASTER CALEB! Where Caleb is loud, Daniel is quiet. Where Caleb is always on the go (even as a baby), Daniel is happy to watch the world rush around him. Where Caleb is strong-willed and dominant, Daniel is content to go with the flow. Caleb spent his early weeks plagued by colic and a lack of sleep, but Daniel sleeps like an angel and is so peaceful. I love both my boys dearly, and feel so blessed to have two such different children. I am sure that my love for each of them will take me on 2 very different journeys.

My time of "the lazy life" has come to an end .. I went back to gym yesterday! As some of you will know from my past relationship with gym, I am quite dedicated and absolutely love going, so I am sure the baby weight will start to come off soon.. and this time it will stay off - no more pregnancies for me, so I should be able to maintain my figure this time. I worked so hard to lose the weight after Caleb was born, and just as I was nearing my final goal I fell pregnant with Daniel.. Don't get me wrong, my boys are worth ever single ounce of weight, but that still doesn't mean I want to look like this forever! My current weight explains why you don't see pictures of me on this blog!

The Littlest One is waking.. so I have to get ready to take on the roll of Bessie again..lol..No time to check for spelling errors.. but I am sure you will be able to read it nevertheless!

Blessings to all!

Oh.. one more thing.. I have some fabulous pictures of the boys (including Daddy) from Christmas, and will load them in the next day or two.

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