Monday, 26 January 2009

Musical Beds!

One of the funnier games we play in this house is Musical Beds! Let me explain -
Nobody in this house wakes up in the same bed they went to sleep in! In the beginning of the evening, Caleb is in his bed, Daniel is in his crib in his room and Adam and I are in our bed. Then the fun starts!

At around midnight Adam will get up to feed Daniel, but when he tries to come back to bed, I am spread out on the bed and there is no room for him without waking me - So Adam will retreat to either the spare-bed, or the sleeper-couch in the study.

Then, sometime between midnight and 03h00, Caleb will wake up and crawl into bed next to me (he does it so quietly that I never hear him!) At around 03h00 I wake up to feed Daniel and I usually feed him lying down on the bed in his room - Daniel then falls asleep on this bed and I leave him to sleep (he is too small to move yet, although it won't be long before this is no longer safe) I will then try and go back to my bed, that is unless Caleb is being very restless which is often, in which case I will finish the nights sleep in Caleb's bed! Crazy crazy times!

I have been trying to upload pictures, but there seems to be an issue with my machine.. so I will try again tomorrow!

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