Tuesday, 13 April 2010

How far will he be allowed to go?

This is unbelievable - how far will Julius be allowed to go before someone says ENOUGH!

Here is the link to the Youtube video of Julius Malema insulting and verbally attacking a BBC reporter last week. This man is losing it. He thinks he is above the law, and if nobody with authority stands up and stops him then I see only a bleak future for those of us left in South Africa.

This kind of behaviour from a public figure would never be tolerated anywhere else in the world, but here in South Africa this man is set free and nobody says a word no matter how rude or insulting he is to others..

I am so tired of this topic.. but it will just not go away....

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Anonymous said...

So why do we waste our time talking about it? My feeling is that maybe, just maybe, if the media ignore him, he might just (and here's hoping) fade into oblivion. I sure wouldn't waste my time discussing his antics.