Thursday, 1 April 2010

Please let me sleep...*yawn*

Yes, it is true, I am blogging from my Blackberry!!!

Insomnia has me in its grasp and is holding on for dear life - so many things on my mind and they will not let me rest. So here I lie in bed at past 1am, the rest of the house is zzz'ing away peacefully and I am learning how to blog from a Blackberry!

*yawn* give me strength


Ninnles said...

Turning off your Blackberry might be a good start. Switch off the world out there! And then maybe the voices in your head will keep quiet soon.

Momcat said...

I fell asleep early in the evening but woke up again at what turned out to be 1.50am! The kitchen was in a mess and I ended up wiping counters and tidying up at that time of the morning. No wonder I only woke up at 6am this morning, an hour late...